Are you a Texan who is SICK AND TIRED of this anti-woman bullshit? Are you wondering what you can do? The good news is, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! 

WOWtex is an organization focused on getting the information out about how Texas representatives voted on the recent anti-woman legislation, and it makes clear how this is a bipartisan issue. You can check out their mission statement and learn more about the rally planned for the end of April at the capitol. You can also sign up to volunteer

The Texas Democratic Party has started a voting pledge campaign called, Enough is Enough. They also produced a video detailing how the Republican controlled legislature has infringed upon the rights of women in this state. Sign the pledge and say that WE WILL NOT VOTE for representatives who don’t stand up for us, on either side of the aisle. 

Planned Parenthood organizations across Texas are organizing to combat this fight on women*’s access to healthcare, and you can volunteer or get more information from many of their pages. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is a great resource for information about Texas legislation updates. 

Annie’s List is a Texas-focused version of the national organization, Emily’s List. These organizations are committed to electing pro-choice candidates across the state and the nation. She Should Run is another organization focused on increasing the numbers of women in political office, and a great resource. 

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, we cannot hope to alter the state of Texas politics if we are not ALL registered to vote. Register to vote, inform yourself about the legislation in your community and across the country, and then refuse to be silent. It might make some people uncomfortable to talk about birth control and abortion, but do you know what else is uncomfortable? Transvaginal ultrasounds


[NB: More people than just cis women are affected by all this bullshit.]

I’m not Texan, nor have I ever visited the USA, but I want to post this for my US followers. Your lives WILL be changed. The rest of the world is watching intently because we know that this has a chance of developing in our own nations. Please don’t stay sitting down. Please get up and take control of your health.

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